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Mission Statement

Healthdove Inc. believes that a community is responsible for creating their culture of health and each individual should reach or maintain optimal levels of health. Members of the community should be educated about their health so that they can make informed healthy choices.

Healthdove Inc is owned and operated by Dr. Ronda Herbert CEO and Founder.

The mission of Healthdove Inc. is to educate the community about individuals' health.  We believe in the holistic health of  individuals. This includes emotional, spiritual and physical health.  Our motto is “Distributing Health Information to the World.” Health education and information is distributed in the form of health presentations, health research, workshops, health fairs, healthy focus newsletter, and fundraising events.

Our internet radio station Healthdove located on ITunes radio, and tunein.com broadcasts 24/7, distributing programming that addresses spiritual, emotional and physical health and plays music. Our motto,  “We Play Music and Talk Health. Our website distributes health information in the form of videos, health articles and our readers have the opportunity to subscribe and or download our healthy focus newsletter.

All the information presented, whether by videos, podcasts or health articles are solely for informational and educational purposes only, and is not intended to treat and or diagnose any health condition. Please consult with your health care provider if you have a health condition.

We do not collect or store individuals' personal data.

We are non- profit organization and we receive donations from our listeners, supporters and our community events. . The money collected is used to keep the Healthdove Radio on the air and to continue our work of educating the community.

We do not advertise for any specific organizations, however if you wish to have your company advertised, please send us an email.

Please send us an email to healthdove@hotmail.com for questions, comments and requests.

Please donate to help us keep Healthdove Radio on the air. Thank you.


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Core Values

  1. Distributing factual health education to the world and our local community – We believe in providing health information in variety of ways to increase individuals’ knowledge and awareness of health conditions and solutions.
  2. Each person is entitled to make their own informed health decision.
  3. Providing solutions to assist individual to meet their needs
  4. A community is responsible for creating a culture of health among its members.


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Health Videos

Health Videos taken from a variety of health resources with permission form the authors.

Health Articles

We print articles monthly on a variety of health topics. You can subscribe to our healthy focus newsletter.

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